Your hospital is a trusted resource for thousands of patients

(who are not followed after the discharge...)

Medicinia provides coordination of care and clinical pathways to optimize operational efficiency, improve outcomes, and reduce costs

Intelligent communication bringing doctors, patients, and collaborators together

With Medicinia, your institution gets its own app to manage the flow of communication among staff, doctors, and patients

This is how Medicinia can help you

Automated and adaptive follow-up of post-discharge patients
Online consultations
Online patient check-in
Automated and adaptive follow-up of patients with chronic conditions
Discharge workflow
Fast and convenient delivery of information to the clinical staff



When patients are discharged, they continue to be patients. Moreover, they continue to see the hospital as their reference place in terms of health. At Samaritano, many patients get extra care and continue to be followed at home by the medical team, who control treatment outcomes. That, of course, is accomplished through Medicinia.


Today, even healthy patients go to the hospital to have check-ups and diagnostic procedures. But healthy patients want convenience. At HCor Cidade Jardim, patients can do an online check-in and go straight to their procedure, with no wait lines.


It is a long time since patients stayed in the hospital indefinitely. Today, even patients with very serious conditions often don’t stay in the hospital. At BP, patients undergoing chemo therapy visit the hospital on a weekly basis, but are never admitted. So, how do we manage the patients’ journey, if they are not in the hospital? Through Medicinia, of course!

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